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Sep 15th 2022


Web Design, WordPress


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Grey Forward

Grey Forward provides one easy solution to continually and safely test your network and your people from hackers. Grey Forward is a service offered by AppliedSense. AppliedSense is a cybersecurity and IT network infrastructure management company. Clients range from finance, to food services, to renewal energies, transportation, and Government industries.


Our Solution

A high percentage of users view websites on their mobile devices, so when we design a responsive website we always break the design down into visuals, showing how the site will look from a mobile perspective. It's essential that when a website moves from a large screen to a small screen, the integrity of the site is not lost and the user is able to navigate the website with the same amount of clarity and ease.

The design of both the frontend and backend of the website had to be in-line with the company's brand, but also reflect the company's global aspirations. Simple navigation for candidates, clients and administrative personnel is essential for any website, but more so if your whole business is reliant upon it.


We set out to provide the company with a new website that could deliver all of their business goals and objectives, but it was essential that in the process, we retained the character, integrity and sophistication of the brand.

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