WordPress Speed Optimization Service

We'll Optimize Your WordPress Website for Lightning-Fast Loading, Achieving Load Times Under 3 Seconds!

WordPress empowers more than 35% of the internet. It's likely your website runs on wordpress too! While wordpress offers convenience and user-friendliness, websites can become bloated and slow to load.

WordPress Speed Optimization Service - Digiaxo

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We Are The Best In WordPress Speed Optimization Service

Is your WordPress website feeling sluggish? Is your audience getting impatient with slow loading times? It's time for a change. Welcome to our WordPress Speed Optimization Service – your gateway to a faster, more responsive website.
Why Speed Matters:
In the digital age, speed is of the essence. Slow-loading websites can be frustrating for your visitors, leading to higher bounce rates and lower conversions. Search engines like Google also prioritize faster websites in their rankings. A speedy website not only keeps your audience engaged but can also improve your search engine visibility.

Real-Time Website SPEED & Testimonials

WordPress Speed Optimization Service - Digiaxo
WordPress Speed Optimization Service - Digiaxo


Blown away with the results! Will be recommending to all my friends

WordPress Speed Optimization Service - Digiaxo
WordPress Speed Optimization Service - Digiaxo


Super happy with them to work on speed optimization. Thanks.

WordPress Speed Optimization Service - Digiaxo
WordPress Speed Optimization Service - Digiaxo


Fair pricing & service! completed the task as promised. Thank You

Experience lightning-fast website performance with our Pagespeed Optimization service!

Check out our own site's outstanding score and let us transform your website into a speed demon. Say goodbye to slow load times and hello to happier visitors and better SEO rankings!

WordPress Speed Optimization Service - Digiaxo

How It Works

How Will We Optimize Your WordPress Site?

Comprehensive Website Audit

We start with a thorough analysis of your website to identify bottlenecks, large files, and other factors slowing it down.

Image Optimization

Large image files can significantly slow down your site. We'll compress and optimize your images without compromising on quality.

Caching Strategies

We implement advanced caching techniques to store frequently accessed data, reducing server load and page loading times.


We minimize and combine CSS, JavaScript, and HTML files to reduce the number of server requests, making your website load faster.

CDN Integration

We set up a CDN to distribute your website's assets across multiple servers worldwide, ensuring faster content delivery to users, regardless of their location.

Database Cleanup

A cluttered database can hinder performance. We optimize and clean up your database, improving website responsiveness.

DNS Level Firewall

A DNS-level firewall excels at distinguishing legitimate website traffic from malicious requests, substantially alleviating the strain on your WordPress hosting server.

Reduce Server Response Time

If your hosting provider isn't delivering the desired server response time, we will seamlessly migrate your website to our fully managed WordPress hosting environment at no extra cost.

Feel the Difference

Without Digiaxo

With Digiaxo

Our Approach

At Digiaxo, we understand the importance of a fast website. Our team of experts specialise in WordPress speed optimization.

WordPress Speed Optimization Service - Digiaxo

We Guarantee Page Speed Results!

Our dynamic team comprises highly skilled professionals and developers who excel in their respective fields. We are fully equipped to tackle any task you present to us. This is why we confidently assure our clients of achieving a result of 90% or higher in Google PageSpeed Insights, along with a page load time of 3 seconds or less as per GTMetrix.

Rank HIGHER in Google Search Results

Our commitment is to deliver exceptional results with a guaranteed score of 90+ on both Mobile and Desktop platforms, all while preserving the quality of your website's functionality and design. We've made significant strides in our journey so far and are eagerly anticipating the opportunity to delight even more satisfied customers.

WordPress Speed Optimization Service - Digiaxo
WordPress Speed Optimization Service - Digiaxo

See The Results For Yourself With Authentic Tools

Our approach involves meticulous consideration of results from tools like Google Pagespeed Insights, Pingdom, and GTMetrix to pinpoint and resolve issues that could potentially slow down your website. What's more, we ensure that these speed improvements remain robust over time, even as you implement significant changes to your site in the future.

Plans & Pricing

Vital Optimization

$99 USD

$200 USD

One Time Fee

Expert Optimization

$149 USD

$250 USD

One Time Fee

Advance Optimization

$199 USD

$300 USD

One Time Fee

Frequently Asked Questions

You can evaluate your website’s speed with several popular website speed test tools, including:
GT Metrix
Google Pagespeed Insights
Web Page Test

Our standard timeframe for website speed optimization is 2-3 business days. However, in some cases, especially for more complex websites, it may extend to 7 working days. Throughout this period, we maintain open communication with our clients and provide regular progress updates.

Absolutely! We guarantee enhancements in your WordPress website’s performance. We achieve this by utilizing cache plugins and implementing performance tweaks to accelerate loading times. However, it’s important to note that other factors, such as slow response times for AJAX calls or backend issues, can affect performance. In such cases, we conduct a thorough analysis of server configurations and coding to address the root causes.

Rest assured, we perform comprehensive testing of every modification made during the WordPress optimization process. We take the precaution of creating a complete website backup before commencing any work. In the unlikely event that something goes wrong, we can swiftly revert to the backup.

No, your website won’t experience downtime during the optimization process. We initially work in the background, setting up a preview mode that operates on a separate URL. Your live site continues to function as usual. We also conduct manual and automated testing to ensure a seamless transition. 

No, your website’s design and functionality remain unaffected by our WordPress performance optimization. We strictly focus on speed improvements. If we identify any changes that could enhance performance, we’ll present them for your consideration, and you can decide whether to implement them.

Certainly! We optimize your website to ensure it loads faster on mobile devices, delivering an improved user experience for mobile users.

Yes, in addition to speed optimization, we can assist you with various other WordPress-related issues. Our in-house WordPress experts offer comprehensive consultancy services. Feel free to reach out to us for details on associated charges.

Absolutely. Our company adheres to strict confidentiality policies, ensuring the privacy and security of your website and sensitive information. You can place your trust in us without hesitation, backed not only by our word but also by our extensive expertise in WordPress Speed Optimization and positive reviews from satisfied clients. We’ve earned the trust of websites with thousands of daily visitors.